It came! It came! Our first weekly box from Full Circle came! They deliver (quietly) overnight by 6 a.m. They actually delivered around 2 a.m., when Jeff just happened to be up getting some water. He left the box on the porch until we got up at 5:45, since it was colder outside than inside.

A nice head of loose-leaf lettuce and a bag of their fabulous braising greens on top.

Then radishes, kiwi, tangelos, mangoes, carrots,apples, two zucchini (in the paper bag), white onions, an eggplant and a cucumber. And nestled against a cold pack in the shiny insulated bag…

…local organic milk!

I made a pseudo-Greek salad for lunch with some romaine I already had, along with fresh cucumber, carrot, radish, some hummus, feta cheese, walnuts and an egg (courtesy of the backyard hens). Accompanied by one of the kiwis and a few strawberries with some nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and a yummy sweetener-free bran muffin with a dab of almond butter. (I’ll share the muffin recipe tomorrow.)

Greens braised with garlic and shallots for dinner, with roasted chicken and a sweet potato.
I can’t wait for next week!