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How intuitive eating can help make the holidays brighter

2024-03-13T09:45:28-07:00By |

Once upon a time, holiday foods stood out as highlights in a year of relatively simpler fare. But in today’s food environment, with its year-round access to delicious and even indulgent foods, it’s as if the holiday season has upped the ante, making the holidays feel like a minefield.

How to tell if your diet is really disordered eating

2024-03-13T09:45:33-07:00By |

Dieting to lose weight (even under the guise of “lifestyle changes”) is so normalized in our culture that it indeed feels normal. And if it’s “normal” it must be OK…right? Let me break this to you gently — not only can dieting lead to disordered eating, but in many cases, dieting IS disordered eating.

Self-care tips for when life feels especially stressful

2024-03-13T09:45:36-07:00By |

Self-care is extra important in times of uncertainty. I’m always an advocate of physical and emotional self-care, because if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? So here's some food for thought, as well as some self-care tips for creating or refining an overall self-care practice that’s right for you.

Why mindful eating isn’t ‘careful’ or ‘mind full’ eating

2024-03-13T09:45:40-07:00By |

There are always spikes in interest in mindful eating around this time of the year. Unfortunately, much of that spike is because diet culture has tried to co-opt mindful eating for its own devices. In the process, it has twisted mindful eating into “careful” eating and “mind full” eating.

Want to be healthier in 2023? Fire your inner drill sergeant

2024-03-13T09:45:42-07:00By |

Can self-compassion improve your health? Yes. Numerous research studies have shown that self-compassion is important for mental and emotional health and well-being. While that’s not super surprising, this may be: newer research is also finding that self-compassion is important for physical health.

What do ‘non-diet,’ ‘anti-diet’ and Health at Every Size® mean?

2024-03-13T09:45:44-07:00By |

Non-diet, anti-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) — these terms are showing up more and more in books, magazines, blogs and social media. I hear a lot of questions about what these terms even mean, along with, “Everyone eats some type of diet, so how can anyone be ‘anti-diet’?”

Need a recipe that screams summer? Make a batch of ratatouille

2024-03-13T09:45:49-07:00By |

There are certain Mediterranean dishes that just scream "summer" and ratatouille is one of them, although honestly this dish will work any time of year, even if the staple ingredients—eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes—are not in season. I enjoy making a big batch that I can eat for days, especially when it's too hot to want to cook every evening.

Is eating without restrictions really different from binge eating?

2024-03-13T09:45:49-07:00By |

The good news is that eating with permission and without restrictions doesn’t have to translate to a food free-for-all. It also does not mean trading control for binge eating. At least not for very long. But how you approach trading restriction for permission may matter.

Being a dietitian doesn’t make me the food police

2024-03-13T09:45:58-07:00By |

It’s a refrain I hear a little too often: “I just need someone to tell me what to eat.” In today’s age of rampant nutrition confusion, I sort of get it—but I'm not your boss, I'm not your mother, and I'm definitely not the food police! As adults, we need to develop the skills necessary to make decisions about the things that are important to our health and happiness.

Why satisfaction is the ‘secret sauce’ of Intuitive Eating

2024-03-13T09:46:03-07:00By |

Eating is supposed to be pleasurable and satisfying. Yes, food is our fuel, but when we eat satisfying food in a pleasant environment, the pleasure we experiences ADDS to our satisfaction. And food satisfaction and pleasure not only adds to our happiness, it makes it more likely that we will happily eat a variety of nutritious foods.

Beyond jack-o’-lanterns and PSL: Cooking with pumpkin

2024-03-13T09:46:03-07:00By |

Pumpkins deserve a lot more respect than they get from Halloween jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkin spice lattes. Sure, they’re a centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dessert tables, but pumpkin’s flavor and nutrition assets make it a worthy part of everyday fall and winter meals.

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