I’ve found a new (to me) food site: Food 52. It “had me at hello” even on my tiny iPhone screen on a packed-like-a-sardine-can bus home from school. So imagine its terrible power on a normal-sized screen. Exactly.
I actually learned about this bit of online dangerousness from a Kurt Timmermeister tweet.* I also realized I hadn’t checked my Twitter feed since classes started. How this lapse didn’t cause me to fall off the edge of the Earth, I have no idea.
You know what’s worse? Food 52 has a cookbook coming out in a few days. Co-written by Amanda Hesser, whom I adore (from afar…I’ve never met her). In fact, her Essential New York Times Cookbook is at the tippy top of my Christmas list. I guess I better make room on that list for Food 52. Yes, I know, I know. I have enough cookbooks. Leave me alone, already!

* The tweet was actually about a Food 52 book party with Amanda Hesser at Kurtwood Farms. I can’t go, naturally. No time! No time!