I decided I couldn’t slap the “Links I Like” headline on this one, because…well, you’ll see soon enough. Now on with the show:

The Good
Hey! Watcha doing at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET on Friday, February 24? Snapping a photo of a snack, I hope! To participate in “documenting a global snack” you do need to snail-mail your photo (4×6 inches, matte finish, no borders, can color or black & white), which is sort of retro in this digital age. But what a fun idea! Sign up by February 22.

The Bad
All kinds of GMO brouhaha. Even organic food isn’t safe anymore (I’m on the “con” side of a GMO debate in my food safety class Monday, so I definitely have an opinion on this.)

A 1,081-calorie bacon milkshake? Are you KIDDING me? There is no good reason for this…zero, zip, ziltch! (Says the woman who ate a sample piece of chocolate-covered bacon at Whole Foods about an hour ago…but it was small.) The shake doesn’t even have real bacon in it. Just bacon-flavored syrup. Say it with me now: “Ewwwwwwww!”

Have a great weekend. I have “super-fun:” plans to write about cholesterol in excruciating detail (my nutrition and metabolism take-home midterm is due Monday).