Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. I felt pretty productive, turning 10 very overripe bananas into two loaves of banana bread and a dozen sweetener-free banana muffins, reading a slew of scientific journal articles on the human microbiome, drafting my next “On Nutrition” column on prebiotics and probiotics (which is why I was reading about the human microbiome), and finally getting all my notes from the recent Institute of Food Technologists conference typed up. Oh, and I watched the first season of Sherlock (only three episodes) and listened to a Joel Salatin podcast. There were some long walks and yoga in there, too. Good times.

Summer is really, really here in Seattle, so it’s extra appropriate that my “On Nutrition” column in yesterday’s Seattle Times was about how summer’s bountiful produce is not only good, but so very good for you. You can access it online here.