This is one of my favorite salads, and that’s partly because it tastes great, partly because it has so many good, healthy things in it. I start with a bed of mixed greens (veggies), toss them with a little walnut oil and a less-acidy vinegar, like coconut, rice wine or apple cider vinegar. Then I add a chunked up pear and some dried cranberries (fruit). Then some walnuts (healthy fats) and just a touch of salt and pepper. Yum! Super fast, super delicious, and I don’t even want to think about how much this leafy delight would cost in a restaurant. Oh, I sometimes add a little blue cheese, but not this time. It is lovely, though.

Not pictured: The left over leg and wing (protein) from the chicken I roasted the night before. No, not one of my chickens…although they didn’t lay any eggs yesterday, so I did suggest gently that they discuss amongst themselves who was going to volunteer for the roasting pan this weekend. (I wouldn’t do that, of course, but they don’t know that…probably.) I suspect I’ll find two eggs when I get home tonight.