One of the restaurants on our Sedona to-do list was The Coffee Pot, a kitschy little place that’s known for being the home to 101 varieties of omelettes. So naturally, we ordered pancakes.

Just kidding. Pancakes are on the menu, but we decided to get our egg on. I need to get some veggies in, so I went with the #43, with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and avocado. With a side of home fries. Jeff went Southwest with the #54: Chunky salsa, season ground beef, cheese and onion. Unlike so many breakfast joints that are way too heavy handed on the cheese, they used a “normal” amount. We left feeling good, and not overstuffed.

We heard there was often a long wait to get in, so we were thrilled when we got there around 10ish and were seated immediately (there was a crowd waiting when we left, though). The table setting included a big pitcher of water with lemon, which was nice. The service was lightning quick all around, and the coffee was pretty good, by our standards.

I didn’t have room in my carry on luggage for off-road footwear (pity, because there are so many trails I would have liked to hike), so we took a tiny drive to a touristy shopping area just east of the intersection of highways 179 and 89 to do a little of town walking. T-shirt shop after T-shirt shop. Ugh! We did buy a few small treats at the Sedona Fudge Company, and hit Starbucks. The weather wasn’t any warmer that it is in Seattle right now, but the sun shone all day, which feels pretty good this time of year!

We had a better time browsing the little arts and crafts village of Tlaquepaque, which was quite pretty and serene, in the style of a Mexican village.

Then we hopped across the highway to Garland’s Navajo Rugs. I was so glad we went there, because the rugs were absolutely phenomenal…with prices to match. With the hours and hours of handwork that goes into those rugs, I’m sure they’re worth every penny, but I could buy two decent sized rugs for about one year of grad school tuition, so we had to shop with our eyes, only!

While there are no Whole Foods in Sedona, we were pleased by the lovely New Frontiers Natural Marketplace on Highway 89A. We picked up yogurt and some delicious looking granola for an in-room breakfast tomorrow, along with some mixed greens to add to last night’s restaurant leftovers for another in-room meal during the Superbowl. Getting a hotel room with a mini-fridge and doing a little advance research to find a good natural foods store (or at least a good supermarket) makes it so much easier to eat healthfully, and less expensively, while traveling.

Tomorrow…off to Scottsdale!