Short post today. I’ve been working on an assignment for microbiology in which I have to discuss whether I think the addition of antibiotics to animal feed is contributing to antibiotic resistance, and if I think the benefits of adding antibiotics to the meat supply outweigh the potential risks. (Short answers: Yes and no.)

For our research, we’ve been using the wealth of materials on the PBS Frontline companion website for it’s program on “Modern Meat,” which aired a few years ago. Visit it and start reading if you want your toes to curl, and not in a good way. There’s a link for a video excerpt, lengthy interview transcripts from experts on all sides of the issue (meat industry spokespeople, scientists, federal regulators, Michael Pollan, etc).

I nearly spit nails when I saw one industry insider describe feedlot beef as “pampered,” (then nearly did it again when I read the full transcript). Yeah…because standing and laying in your own feces is like a day at the spa.

I am so grateful for the little farm outside of Seattle where I buy my grassfed beef, I want to go drive out there right now and kiss the farmers. I’m just saying.