Yes, I know. I need another cookbook like I need a another hole in my head. But I had a 40 percent off Borders coupon (plus an extra 10 percent off because I have a Borders Rewards Plus card). What was I supposed to do? (If you’re new here, and are all “What the heck is she talking about?” then click here and all will be clear.) I love Super Natural Cooking, but it’s quite possible that I love Super Natural Every Day even more. So many delicious, veggie-centric recipes, many using only one pot or baking dish. (Like the cabbage and white bean recipe on the cover. I can’t wait to make it!)

You want to know what’s worse? I have a candidate for 180. The copy below is currently on loan from the library. Plenty is also plenty full of real-food recipes to please the veggie-lover and the carnivore alike.

I’ve got a dozen recipes in each earmarked to make RIGHT NOW. However, I already had my menu plan set for the early part of this week, so I’ll won’t get to start digging in to these volumes for a few days. I’ll share a recipe or two once I do.

I’ve started working on creating a list of my…um…still growing collection of cookbooks. I’ll probably create a little work-in-progress page for them on the site this weekend, rather than wait until I have the entire list done.