Wow, Blogger has been down (i.e., in read-only mode) since just after noon PST yesterday (eating yesterday’s post…a situation that will hopefully be resolved soon). So the article I had originally planned for today has been rescheduled. In the meantime, I’m hoping my weekend plans involve seeing this movie:

Speaking of plant-based diets, if anyone out there is interested in becoming a vegetarian (or eating just like one) Vegetarian Times is starting an online 28-Day Veg Boot Camp on Sunday (May 15). I will not be doing this myself*, because even though I eat a lot o’ plants, I enjoy my grass-fed, humanely raised meat, too. However, I have a handful of tasty-looking veg recipes that are on my immediate to-do list. If they turn out to be as good in reality as they appear on paper, I will share them here, naturally.

*Stay tuned for details Monday about a sort of “Summer School” challenge I am planning on undertaking. It will be a little heads up in case anyone wants to join me!