Farmers’ market at my door.

Farmers’ market out-of-doors!
Yesterday’s highlights definitely involved local food. After a week of vacation hiatus, my weekly produce box from Full Circle arrived on my doorstep bright and early (oh, how I missed it so!). Then, after work, I met Jeff at the Columbia City Farmers Market to pick up a bit more local food goodness (raw milk, baguette, arugula, carrots0, followed by dinner at Geraldine’s Counter. We had planned to do this before vacation, but our schedules had other ideas. I had yummy fish tacos!
We rarely eat out at restaurants (not counting Whole Foods), because we prefer my home-cooked meals. But when we do dine out, we gravitate toward one of a handful of small, locally owned-and-run restaurants. Tutta Bella is one, Geraldine’s is another. And both are conveniently located one neighborhood away! Jeff had the Columbia City Corned Beef (aka a California-style Reuben), with sweet potato fries.
Even though it didn’t seem like a ton of food, I felt way too full about a half-hour after I finished (I may have stolen a few too many sweet potato fries). I’m still working on that “eating to 80 percent full” thing, clearly. I decided that, starting tomorrow, for dinner I will intentionally take less food than I think I want or need. If 20 minutes after I finish eating, I still feel actual hunger, then I can take more. Since shooting for the goal isn’t consistently working, I need to start undershooting