Did you see? Did you see? I’ve finally posted my cookbook library! Well…a big chunk of it, anyway. I discovered Amazon’s “Shelfari” feature totally by accident late last week, and it looks way prettier than the simple list of books I was going to post. A lot easier, too…the thought of building almost 200 links was not thrilling to me.
Soooo…I spent a lot of time last night working on this, so you’re getting robbed of a post today. I have a good one for tomorrow, so never fear.
I made it through the weekend without making any recipes. We had a lot of tasty leftover salads to eat, and we grilled some chicken on Sunday. I’m feeling really tired of meat right now, with all the meat-related experiments I had to eat up last week. Fortunately, my class is turning to plant foods for the next two weeks. I have got a LOT of reading to do: seven chapters in Harold McGee’s book (almost 400 pages!), plus about 50 pages from Herve This. Gulp. Good thing I don’t have any ambitious cooking plans right now!