Late post today. The tetanus-diptheria-pertussis booster shot I got yesterday made my left shoulder so sore that, once I was done working, the last thing I wanted to do is continue writing. But at least I’m free to step on rusty nails, now. I also had to start the three-shot series of hepatitis B vaccinations (the things my university makes health sciences students do, I swear), which will free me up to explore new areas of world travel! Not that I’ll have the time or money to do that anytime soon.
Speaking of travel, I was able to catch up on some blog reading with my one good arm last night (my mouse arm), and imagine my delight to find that the lovely Clotilde has been running a “Cooking on Vacation” series on her wonderful blog, Chocolate & Zucchini (one of my favorite food blogs, ever).
I am a superfan of cooking on vacation. That’s one reason I like camping vacations…we travel with our own mobile kitchen! When we spent two weeks in Buenos Aires in 2009, we rented an apartment with a small kitchen so we didn’t have to rely on restaurants and cafes for all of our meals. This proved to be a good move, because we had a hard time finding green salads in restaurants (lots of cooked veggies, though), and we both get a little twitchy if we don’t meet a certain quota of leafy greens. Plus, shopping in foreign supermarkets is fun!
Someday (sigh) I will get to Paris. And Florence. And Barcelona. And Prague. And Dublin. And probably London. And when I do, I will be looking to apartments, not hotels, for my lodging.