I didn’t quite convey what a whiny baby I was about getting shots the other day. I actually sat there, as the shots were being readied, and wondered where my mommy was. To add insult to injury, I also had enough blood drawn to feed a vampire family (and I had to fast overnight, so I was wanting to be fed, myself) AND I had another test done that required certain body parts to be squished between glass plates. I was cranky.
So, on the way home, I stopped by my favorite Borders bookstore, which is going out of business (like all Borders stores…boo hoo!), to buy myself a little treat. And by treat, I mean a new cookbook. Because, if you’ve perused my cookbook list, you know that I am seriously lacking in that department. (Yes I’m being sarcastic.)

But you should know how good I was! Even though the cookbook section was picked over, there was plenty of ripe fruit. I walked around with probably a half-dozen books in my (shot sore) arms at one point…but then put them all back but one. It’s been a while, but I’ve raved more than once about Real Food Has Curves. I’ve checked it out more than once from the library, but had yet to add it to my collection. Well, at 50 percent off + an additional 15 percent off, it’s mine now!

What made this book a winner over the discounted rejects? Many of the books I considered buying were perfectly lovely, ranging from seasonal farmers market-type cooking to great encyclopedias of every type of recipe under the sun. Trouble is, I already have books like that. And to be honest, some of the books I have are fun to read and provide great inspiration to get cooking, but there is a good chance I’ll never actually make a single recipe in them. (There, I’ve said it.) I have so many cookbooks that I need to be really picky when it comes to expanding my library. The books that make the cut are those with recipes that are simple, nutritious, delicious and made with, you guessed it, real food.

Hey, I just discovered that the book’s authors have a cooking blog. Sweet!