I love school. I really do. Maybe not every bitty moment of it, but overall, I do. Good thing, since I’m starting grad school next month, and all.
Of course, part of that love, that lust for learning, if you will, depends on my schooling being in a subject I’m passionate about. (I apologize for using that term, and I will try to never use it again. I know I get tired of people saying, “I’m really passionate about blah, blah, blah.” But it’s getting late, and I just finished and turned in three school assignments, and I’m tired, so I’m not doing a good job of coming up with vocabulary alternatives at the moment.)
Anyhoo, I would give my eye teeth, my eye teeth, I tell you, to be able to attend these school programs:

Quillisacut Farm School

Drool. I will go to Farm School someday, I swear it. I would gladly sign up for Farm Culinary 101, Introduction to the Culinary Arts, Sense of Place or Hearth Breads in a heartbeat. I also have a (not so) secret desire to take Intro to Farming. I’ve been besotted from this place from afar ever since I read Chefs on the Farm.
Kneading Conference West
When I was in pastry school, my artisan breads class was one of my favorites (much more so than cake decorating, goodness knows). I was this close to going to the San Francisco Baking Institute to take Artisan Breads I and Artisan Breads II. Baking bread in a foodie mecca = Nirvana. But, alas, we bought a house instead of starting a cafe/bakery. Apparently, it didn’t quite take away my need to knead. Having this divine gathering of farmers, millers and bakers all in one place, a mere 90 minutes or so from my house, is almost too much to bear!
Greenbank Farm Training Center
Did I mention I’m a wannabe farmer? We actually looked for acreage at one point. But then we bought a house in the city (I’m starting to hate this house…it’s kind of a dasher of dreams!). I also have an affection for Greenbank Farm. I wrote an article about them for The Seattle Times years ago, when they were full of plans and ideas (the farm, not the paper), and it’s so exciting to see what they’re doing now! Whidbey Island is so, pretty, too. I really need to plan a weekend outing next month…