In the relative lull offered by my break between summer and fall classes, one of the “projects” I’ve taken on is to do more yoga! I use the term “project” loosely, because I really enjoy yoga. It’s just that usually I don’t get to do as much of it as I would like, since it’s not my primary (aka priority) form of exercise (that would be walking and weight lifting).
The Seattle library system closes the week before Labor Day (budget cuts), and being the sly, smart person I am, I’ve figured out that if I put items on hold and then check them so that they would normally be due the week of the closure, they get automatically renewed and I practically have them forever (it actually works out to be more than a regular renewal…sort of weird). So I checked out a TON of yoga DVDs. It’s been really fun to try out yoga teachers that I don’t already have selections from in my personal library (Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Brian Baptiste).
I’ve also been revisiting some discs from my collection that I haven’t done in forever, mostly because when I got them they felt too hard and I wasn’t up to the challenge. Even though I only do yoga at home, I am amazed at how much more I can do now than I used to. Not that there isn’t some challenge…it’s just a manageable challenge.
My yoga project has been fun, but it also has a practical side. Even though I don’t rely on it for exercise’s physical aspects, it does offer unique benefits for body and mind that are good for stress reduction (not that that idea is anything new). Stress reduction will be key as I begin the real juggling of work and school (these last two years of science prerequisites have been like practice for the main event…at the end of the month, the training wheels come off!).
For another take on yoga, check out Garance Dore’s latest and last “Changing Lifestyle” post. I loved her account of her awkward attempts to exercise…and like it. I liked it even more because she persevered and now actually does enjoy exercise. It can be done!