I don’t often do “what I ate today” types of posts, but since yesterday’s post was so long, I’m switching gears for a day. I’m lucky that there are only two days out of the week this term that I have to pack almost a day’s worth of food with me to school. Tuesday is one of them. And this is how it went.
Breakfast in the Health Sciences Library. Fresh organic strawberries, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, granola, coffee. The granola traveled separately until it was time to eat. I also measure it out before packing it, since it’s calorific and it’s easy to go overboard. Not pictured: Water.

Snack during my Health and Society class. Apple and a part-skim string cheese stick. Plus water.

Lunch in my empty classroom in the brief break between two classes. Broccoli salad, leftover grilled organic chicken breast, banana, more water.

Snack upon return home. Celery and peanut butter. Green tea. Not pictured: More water.

Dinner at my dining room table. Huge mixed green salad with olive oil and vinegar, hummus, avocado and feta, plus a side of multigrain bread and some sparkling water.
As I was mentally mapping out my food day, I realized that everything I ate came from Costco, except the celery and the purchased coffee. Weird.