Hello. I’m back from the Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics conference (held jointly with Oregon State), and trying to pull myself out of that happy place where I got to learn all kinds of interesting things but didn’t have to study or do any homework! There were some great presentations on how much protein we really need, early life nutrition, Health At Every Size, raising healthy kids in an obeseogenic world. I’ll try to blog about all of it over the next few weeks. But for now, reality, which includes work and midterms. 
About a month ago, I heard that Katie Couric was producing a documentary on childhood obesity, “The Big Picture.” I just saw a story about it today, and filming is just starting. It will also look at related issues like the food industry and government subsidies (which I also had a workshop on this weekend: In a nutshell, taking subsidies away from Big Ag and their commodity monocrops and giving it to small fruit and vegetable farmers may not be the solution to making fruits and vegetables more affordable).
Anyway, a few of the conference speakers brought up another obesity documentary, “The Weight of the Nation,” which will air in a few weeks on HBO (which means I have to wait until it comes out on DVD). They were concerned that it will primarily serve to stigmatize people who weigh more than society deems acceptable. One speaker said she wished it was called “The Health of the Nation.” The trailer’s below. See what you think.
Links tomorrow…and then a Seattle Times column on Sunday!