Hello everyone. The weather is just gorgeous in Seattle this weekend…I hope it’s nice where you are, too.
My “On Nutrition” column in today’s Seattle Times is about how for many people, cooking has become a spectator sport. They watch it (Top Chef or Iron Chef, anyone?), but they don’t do it, whether because of lack of skills or the perception that it’s too hard or too time consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way! It’s not hard to put together a tool box of basic food prep skills, and having those skills can pay off in numerous ways.
If you have today’s Seattle Times handy, you can find my column on the health page (I’ll post the link tomorrow morning when it goes up on the Times website). Plus…I’ll be featuring related blog programming all week!

  • Monday: Three “little black dress” recipes
  • Tuesday: Books for fledgling cooks
  • Wednesday: Building a better pantry
  • Thursday: What’s for dinner?
  • Friday: The best of the Web
  • Saturday/Sunday: Walking the talk

Have a great rest of the weekend!