For the last nine months, I’ve been so heavily invested in the nutrition side of food that the food aspect of food has been relegated to second place. So it has bean pleasure beyond words to go to BlogHer food and delve into what food has to offer in addition to nutrition. 
Pretty breakfast food was a good place to start.
Lots of fruit (including figs!) plus tiny gorgeous pastries (perfect size, really) and the most adorable little jar of Greek yogurt. They looked good enough to eat, and so I did!
The breakfast session was by Diane Cu and Todd Porter, the couple behind the blog White on Rice Couple. They were great, and their food photography is to die for, people. To DIE for. They have a cute dog, too.

Their talk really brought focus to the question, “What is the meaning of food?” Food is:
  • Community and celebration
  • Nourishing and comfort
  • Sharing and connecting
  • Friendship

I loved this quote from Julia Child: “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

The other sessions were more technical (building blog traffic, copyright guidelines, and the like), which were interesting and useful, but I won’t go into detail here. Lunch, however, I will share.
Amazing spicy gazpacho, cute little sandwiches, and unusual skewered presentations for spinach salad and potato salad (in the back, with a blue cheese ball, bacon and a little cornichon).
The final (and quite inspiring) keynote talk featured Terry Walters (who I interviewed for yesterday’s post) and Bryant Terry, who I had not heard of before, but I’m glad I know about now, because he’s doing some great work around food and social justice. These are two people who know the power of healthy, delicious food, and actively work to increase access to this food for all.
The evening wrapped up with “Cocktails and Conversations with Stonyfield Yogurt” at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. I love Purple, and hadn’t been for ages. It was a fun evening, with good wine and great conversation, and I’m thrilled to have been invited. It’s important to me to pay attention to where my animal foods come from, specifically that the foods are high-quality and that the animals and the land they are raised on are well cared for, and Stonyfield fits my ethical template.