I hope everyone (well, US readers, anyway) had a nice July 4 holiday. We celebrated with a bit of an international bent, ironically. We had breakfast at Le Pichet, sharing an “appetizer” of baguette, butter and strawberry jam…
…along with lovely lattes (I rarely order lattes, so I appreciate a good one when I do splurge).
It was too chilly to sit outside, so we enjoyed the French cafe ambiance, blackboard menus and all.
We had a little snafu with our order (people who arrived well after us had received and eaten their entrees before we received ours…and we had to kind of gently say something about it to get them to check). But they took care of things swiftly once they were aware of the problem, and made things right, so I won’t quibble. And the Œufs plats, jambon et fromage was delicious. Delicious enough to willingly take the risk of eating undercooked eggs.
We weren’t in a rush, fortunately. They were very friendly, and it was nothing compared to the horrible, horrible service we had in a few restaurants in Las Vegas last week. Like, so bad we’ll never go back (our waiter at a restaurant in the Paris casino actually told us that we needed to hurry up and order because there was a wait for tables!). No, we will go back to Le Pichet. I love this place, and it’s been way too long since our previous visit.

A stop in the International District to hit up Uwajimaya was a must. I came home with two bunches of kale, collard greens, red cabbage, ginger, cilantro and a few nectarines. After eating more carbs and fat than usual, I absolutely crave vegetables. Trying to regain equilibrium, I guess.

As a side note, one year ago today we took over as guardians of our golden retriever, Dug. Happy Anniversary, Dug! (You big goofball.)