I eat a lot of lunches at my desk while working, or in the library while studying (yes, that’s allowed…as long as the lunch in question isn’t messy or smelly or a whole pizza). That’s not ideal, but there’s a lot about my current schedule that’s not ideal! I do my utmost to eat healthfully, even when multitasking, and I also make a point to eat like a more civilized (read: social) human being whenever I can. Food is about more than just nutrition, it’s also about things like community and shared experiences. That makes a pleasant meal with pleasant company food for body, mind and soul.

So yesterday, I was pleased to be a lady who lunches. The other ladies in question were two of my fellow nutrition students, who I don’t see much at the moment because they were able to get out of the summer Nutrition Management class due to their prior career experience in management. I could hate them, but I don’t. We went to Matt’s in the Market, which has one of the best and most iconic views of any restaurant in town. Witness the view from our table:
Need I say more? (If you look hard, you can see the Seattle Great Wheel in the background, although I’m ambivalent about that part of the view.) I had not been to Matt’s in ages (tried to go during the BlogHer conference, but they were closed for lunch that day), and the pork belly bahn mi was calling my name.
Veggie-packed and with a salad on the side, it was utterly delicious. Water to drink, since I had a busy afternoon ahead of me, which required mental acuity.