Greetings and salutations. I’m in the middle of a big editing project and my house has no water (at the time I’m typing this) because there is heavy equipment in front of my house doing something to the water main. I was showered and ready for bed by 7 p.m. (the time the water was scheduled to be shut off), and I have jugs of water everywhere just in case something goes horribly awry.
That said, in spite of this circumstance-fueled lack of blogging motivation, I failed to post anything yesterday, and I didn’t want to be a big lame-O two days in a row. So I came up with a backup plan. Do you like podcasts? Awesome. Would you like to understand what in the heck atherosclerosis is? Excellent. 
Well, I’m going to direct you on over to my colleague Seth’s blog, The Science of Nutrition. He recently posted a podcast on “Lipids, Inflammation and Atheroslerosis” he did with Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, an atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease researcher, my (former) Nutrition & Metabolism professor and bestower of six of the hardest take-home exams I’ve ever experienced. (That’s OK…I learned a lot. Plus, that which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.)
I’ll be recording a podcast with Seth next week on eggs and cardiovascular disease, and I will naturally post a link when it’s up on his blog.