For today’s post I am pleased to refer you to a newly published podcast I did a little while ago with my classmate/colleague Seth Yoder for his blog, The Science of Nutrition. I had an opportunity last summer to dig into the research about the fats that are being used in place of the now-taboo trans fats. Are they healthier? Are they less healthier? Is it six of one, half dozen of the other?  Only time will tell, unfortunately…which is exactly what happened with trans fats.
You may recall that I wrote a guest post on the topic for Shelly Najjar’s blog, Nutrition Nuts and Bolts, earlier this month.
The takeaway, in my opinion, is to avoid fast foods, fried foods, packaged snack foods, cheap bakery items and highly-processed convenience foods whenever possible. Basically, the types of foods that contained trans fats and now contain the alternative fats. Those foods are generally high in calories and low in nutrients, anyway, so we don’t exactly need to eat them. If you rarely eat those foods, it won’t affect you if years down the road it turns out that the trans fat alternatives are no better for our health.
We also talk a little about the recent brouhaha over the relative nutritional value of organic produce vs. conventional produce…an issue we definitely have some opinions on!