Have you heard about “The Real Bears“? It’s a little cartoon video put together by Center for Science in the Public Interest about the pitfalls of consuming a lot of sugar. There’s been quite a bit of conversation about this video in nutrition circles this week, and some concern that some of the statistics shown in the video are taken out of context.
Another concern is that the video goes to extremes in demonstrating possible physical outcomes of sugar consumption. Everyone who drinks a lot of soda is not going to get diabetes and then lose a foot. That said, as a society we eat and drink a lot more sugar than we used to. Sugar used to be a “treat,” but now it’s everywhere, even in foods that you wouldn’t expect to find it in. Sugar: It’s not just for dessert anymore (it’s for breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks…).
So watch the video and see what you think. If nothing else, it’s certainly continuing the sugar discussion!