Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the holidays…I sure did. We spent a few days in Hawaii before Christmas (flying home on Christmas) in order to remember what it felt like to see the sun and be able to walk outside in only one layer of clothing and still be warm. It was a much needed reboot.
Last week, when I wasn’t working, I was diving into “normal life.” You know, things like organizing closets and watching movies. Things I don’t normally have time to do.
That’s actually one of my New Year’s resolutions: Be more normal. My schedule through March is not as crazy as it was when I was actually taking classes, so I’m welcoming back some of the activities I’ve had to shelve for the last three years. That includes things like resuming my usual mix of fitness activities (instead of doing the bare minimum), and doing more cooking and baking. It feels great!
Another of my resolutions is to sit less. Between working as a writer and being a student, I sit a LOT. Not good, as I’m sure you know. Last weekend, we went to Ikea to pick up what I needed to rig up a standing desk. Jeff helped me put it together yesterday, and I’ll report on it (and include the link to the instructions) once I’ve had a chance to use it all day today.
Did you make any health- or nutrition-related resolutions for 2013? My latest “On Nutrition” column for The Seattle Times “Tips for creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts,” is on that very subject. Enjoy!