Greetings! I think the jet lag has worn off from my weekend in New York City (that, or I simply caught up on sleep). Above you’ll see one of my favorite pieces from the Museum of Modern Art. I’m not sure I’ve seen an Andy Warhol in person, but now I’ve seen several, thank you very much.

We got in super late on Saturday night, with just enough time to join our friend in the hotel bar for a beer. The next morning, we were up bright and early (by Pacific Time standards, not Eastern Time) and headed in a taxi (it was way to cold to do our usual walk + subway routine) to get breakfast at City Bakery.
This French toast was really yummy, but we end up going to Starbucks after for better (read: darker roast) coffee.
We did walk through the villages for a bit, finally making it to Washington Square Park, which we had somehow missed in our previous forays here. Note the lingering patch of snow from the previous weekend.
Then we headed back to Broadway to get matinee tickets to see Scarlet Johansson in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” It was great!
From there it was off to Eataly (again by cab, since it was like 16 degrees out with a wind that cut right through our down parkas) where we all noshed on these delicious fennel, celery root, cauliflower and Asian pear salads, sharing a bottle of red wine. I failed to take a photo of my pasta (housemade pappardelle with pancetta and wild mushroom ragu), which is a shame because it was so good I nearly cried. 
The next morning we headed for MoMA straight away, along with half of the city it seemed like.
Behold another of my favorite paintings! Are you sensing a food theme?
After feasting our eyes on art, and making a dangerous visit to the MoMA store, Jeff and I took the subway down to Chelsea Market. Happily, it was much less crowded than the last time we visited, but still bustling. 
We shared a turkey and pastrami sandwich from Friedman’s Lunch
…with a side of Brussels sprouts salad…
…and a side of broccoli…
…and a chocolate porter from The Filling Station (OK, we each had our own beer). Not pictured is the brownie we shared from Fat Witch Bakery. Fortunately the weather was milder than the day before (chilly, but not very windy and totally bearable with the right coat/gloves/hat/scarf combo). We walked all the way back to midtown, stopping in at shops along the way. We grabbed a quick dinner at a burger-and-salad bar before heading off to the airport. A quick trip, but a great one!