No, the shameless promotion is not shameless self-promotion…I did that yesterday.

Even though I don’t have as much time to exercise as I would like, I do make a point of exercising every day in order to feel like a normal functioning human being. I know I’ve said this before, but as important as nutrition is to health and well-being, so is regular physical activity. A sound body and mind requires movement.
And now for the shameless promotion.
On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a launch party for Activyst, an organization formed by four sports-loving women to raise money to raise money to improve the lives of girls around the world by raising funding for girls’ sports organizations in under-served communities
Activyst’s first project is to work with Soccer Without Borders to build a soccer field and support a girl’s community center in Nicaragua. Pretty cool. The main mode of fundraising is through the sale gym bags, tote bags and cosmetic bags. I’ve seen the gym bags in  person, and they are really nice. The colors are just as gorgeous as they look online. Here’s a video overview of what Activyst is about:

For Round 2 of shameless promotion, last night I helped give a talk on healthy snacking to a group of teens from SOS Outreach, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization dedicated to building character and self-esteem in underserved youth through outdoor adventure. They were a great group of kids. Really great. I would have liked to have talked to them longer! This winter they’ve been snowboarding, and the organization offers summer outdoor programs like camping, backpacking and wilderness expeditions, too.
Being nonprofit, SOS Outreach relies on donations, sponsorships and volunteers. If you enjoy and have benefited from outdoor sports, camping and other activities, or even if you haven’t but you simply care about kids, consider donating or volunteering. Here’s a video that explains the SOS story in two minutes: