There’s been a lot of smirking and giggling lately about the recent attempts to market yogurt as a “manly” food (cue chest thumping). I personally don’t see what was particularly girly about it before…in my household, at least, yogurt consumption does not appear to have any gender lines.

But apparently it’s not enough for yogurt to be a versatile, tasty, good-for-you food. No, for the menfolk to partake, it has to be Powerful. (Snicker.)
Sidenote: The abs shot on the Powerful web page make me think of the terrifying women-focused yogurt ads that aired all the time in Buenos Aires when we were there. They focused so explicitly on how yogurt could ease icky digestive symptoms that it was way TMI.
Anyway, my snickers turned to belly laughs when I saw this spoof of the new manly yogurt craze:
On a related note, have you noticed the commercials lately showing dudes ogling hybrid cars while out and about. Do guys really ogle hybrid cars? Anyway, there was a quite funny bit on NPR Sunday when the (male) hosts were joking about going cruising in a hybrid to go find some yogurt. (Giggle.)