In Seattle, most of our population of robins abruptly departs each August for a sunnier winter home, returning as a welcome harbinger of spring in late January or early February. Why they would leave California or Mexico to come to Seattle that time of year, I don’t quite get, but I always hope they know something I don’t…like that the groundhog won’t see its shadow.
Anyway, January robins are, how can I put it, a little scrawny and scraggly. Can’t really blame them, since they just flew several hundred miles, but I’m just saying. However, in the last week or so I’ve noticed how pleasantly plump and fine of feather our robins are looking. I like to think the reason is good nutrition. These robins have had over a month now to feast on juicy local worms, grubs and caterpillars.
Now I’m not suggesting that humans eat worms and grubs (in fact, that photo makes me a bit squeamish), but think about what happens to a human when they don’t eat enough, or at least don’t eat enough healthy foods. Yeah, they might look a little scraggly (whether they are underweight or overweight would depend on their exact diet…you can be overweight and under nourished).
Eat to your good health. You’ll feel like singing from my rooftop…just like some blasted robin does at the crack of dawn!