It’s spring break this week (from school, if not from work), and I’ve gone into reassess and renew mode. We’re turning my small sewing/yoga room into our guest room (with space for sewing), and turning our larger guest room/office into a better organized office, with an even bigger space for yoga.
We don’t have guests often, but when we do I’ve had to move my computers into the next room, which was sort of annoying and tended to make our guests feel a little guilty. That won’t be a problem any more, which feels really good.
We’re also packing up all of the accumulated crap in our basement that has long been destined for a garage sale. Last weekend’s guests hauled a bunch of it back to Oregon with them (where our extended-family garage sale will be held). This is a huge relief, because, little by little, boxes of unwanted clothes and books and household goods have been creeping inward from the perimeter of my basement weight room. One of my weight benches had been rendered useless, because there was no room to put my leg on one side of it! 
Just like it’s hard to use a treadmill if you’re also using it as a resting space for half your wardrobe, it’s hard to do lunges and squats if you’re falling over boxes! When you’re busy, it’s well worth the effort to sweep away any additional obstacles to exercise.
I’ve also done some pantry reorganization and taken stock of what’s hiding in our freezer. This will help us make sure food get used in a timely manner, and make it much easier to put healthy meals together in a hurry once next term’s craziness begins. 
Part of my spring cleaning routine includes some “behind the scenes” updating of this blog. It had been many, many months since I added links to my On Nutrition columns and other freelance pieces to the “On Nutrition” page, but now it’s current, including last Sunday’s column. I also updated the “Experience + Education” page, if you’re curious. It includes links to podcasts and guest posts I’ve done.
I hope to get the “Blogroll” page updated this week, but the weather may be conspiring against me (read: sunny and mid-60s), as is the fact that I just got the 8th and final season of “Weeds” from the library!