One definite upside to my current food service internship rotation is that I get to play with food a little. One of my assignments is to adapt a “regular” recipe into a “appropriate for schools” recipe. I immediately latched onto the idea of baked oatmeal (probably because I haven’t had a chance to make it at home in forever). These are the two candidates I’m considering for a makeover:
I’m planning at-home test runs, and then I need to do nutrient analyses to make sure they meet the new school nutrition criteria. I’ll do a test run of the modified (i.e., bigger batch size, and no nuts since some kiddos have nut allergies) recipe in one of the school kitchens next week.
Speaking of which, I thought of one more thing I wanted to mention in yesterday’s blog post: Why didn’t my high school have Moroccan Carrot Salad and Roasted Chickpeas on the menu? Probably because I went to high school last millennium. Sigh.