I’ll admit that I am moved when advertising uses its forces (read: ability to manipulate) for good. So when I saw what a handful of ad agencies came up with when Australian Marie Claire magazine asked them to develop an ad that would help women like their bodies sooner than age 45, the results were astounding.

The first two in particular took my breath away. I was also moved by the image of the little girl on the scale. I admit that for a few of the ads, I had to read the description to understand the concept (visually it wasn’t obvious to me right away).

When we women (and men, too) appreciate our bodies for their uniqueness and their abilities, it makes it much easier to care for our bodies and feed them well (read: food that is nutritious and delicious) rather than using food as a tool to try to pummel them into submission (read: a different size or shape). And that’s an idea we all should get behind.