Happy Monday! I’ve been a bit of an inconsistent blogger lately, mostly because I’ve been doing so much writing for other projects (including my new website, which I will unveil next month) that the well of creativity and inspiration has been running a bit dry when it comes to my beloved blog (having jury duty last week didn’t help, either).
Fortunately, one of those writing projects was a guest post on gluten for Nutrition Nuts and Bolts, “Should you consider going gluten free?” I will offer that you you in lieu of a proper post today!
This is not the first time I’ve written about gluten, of course, since one of my missions in life is setting the record straight on who exactly needs to avoid this grain protein. I did a less sciency writeup for my On Nutrition column in The Seattle Times last may, “Gluten free doesn’t always mean healthy.” You can also peruse my archives for gluten-related writings and links.
Have a great week!