Happy Monday! I hope everybody had a great weekend with at least a little dose of sunshine. If you didn’t read my column/article in yesterday’s Seattle Times, “Anxiety, desire for control can be at root of anorexia,” please check it out.
There are many nutrition-related issues about which I try to debunk myths and clarify confusion. Eating disorders are one. In particular, that anorexia and bulimia are not simply diets gone too far. These are complex mental and physical health conditions, and Kim Cantley’s experience is one example.
As always, the information I gathered for this column far exceeds my allotted space, so I will share additional insights from Kim and from Lisa Geraud in my Tuesday and Wednesday posts this week.
Regarding the list of resources included with the article, it is far from comprehensive. I included what felt were a few of the best and most reliable online resources, and provided contact information for the three major eating disorder treatment centers in the Seattle area. I am acquainted with several professionals from each of these facilities, and am familiar with their treatment philosophies, so I feel good about recommending them to any readers who are struggling with disordered eating, or have a loved one who is.
There are also a number of private practice registered dietitians and therapists in the greater Seattle area who specialize in eating disorder treatment. I know some very good ones. If you would like a recommendation, please email me.