This is the first summer in five years that I’m not juggling work and school. I can’t count how many summer evenings I had to spend glued to my textbooks and/or computer when I would have rather been in my backyard, enjoying a leisurely dinner on the patio, puttering in the vegetable garden, or reading a book for fun. (Of course, none of this was possible in the summer of 2010, which in Seattle didn’t actually exist.)
So this summer, I’m reveling in those three things, along with the relative novelty of coming home and having making dinner be the primary (and sometimes only) item on my evening to-do list. Now that summer is official and the sunny days have already been plentiful, my cooking mind is turning to salads. (Bonus points for salads that make for good work lunches the next day.) Here are a handful of recipes I’m eyeballing:
And, while not a recipe, per se, summer is not summer without slaw, so I enjoyed Food52’s “How to make a seasonal slaw without a recipe.” (This will actually keep you in slaw year-round.)
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