It’s that magical time of the summer when my vegetable garden is booming and I am awash in squash, green beans, tomatoes and herbs. Naturally, I’ve been keeping an eye out for tasty and nutritious ways to use this bounty.
Salads are also very much on my mind, because even though it’s 63 degrees and raining right now in Seattle, we’ve had a gorgeous, warm summer, and that weather is scheduled to return this weekend. One of my favorite summer salads is tabbouleh, and I am excited to try these two variations on that theme:

Even though I’ve been good about picking my summer squash before they reach the size of a small automobile, it’s super helpful to have some new and interesting squash recipes kicking around. I’m super excited about these two:

Speaking of quinoa, I can never have too many salads that use this super grain. This one looks really yummy:
I remember when I thought the idea of grilling my salad was crazy. Now I just think it’s delicious. Lucky for me that I have some romaine lettuce in my garden so I can make this:

Hurry up and return, Seattle summer!