Happy Monday! If you didn’t read my On Nutrition column in Sunday’s Seattle Times, “Whyand howto eat more seasonally,” feel free to peruse it.
I can’t say I eat 100 percent locally and seasonally, but I strive to as much as possible. I do enjoy lettuce salads even in the dead of winter, I try to stick to buying fruits and veggies when they are in season. I sometimes buy mangoes and pineapples, and drink coffee daily (all of which are very non-local), but if something can be grown locally (or at least on the west coast), I try to avoid buying imported specimens.
Right now, I’m saying “goodbye” to peaches and “hello” to winter squash. I’m preparing more roasts, soups and stews and using hearty greens for a larger proportion of my leafy green intake. I’m also drinking a lot more tea, including that anti-inflammatory powerhouse, green tea.
In other news, I was quoted in a recent U.S. News & World Report Health “Eat + Run” article, “Six Overrated Foods.” Please excuse the typo in which “The Seattle Times” was oddly abbreviated to “The Seattle.”
Have a great week!