Tomorrow is National Eating Healthy Day…what’s on your menu or in your shopping cart?
I’m constantly talking to people about how to fit more vegetables into meals and snacks (and constantly thinking about how to fit more into my own). The American Heart Association has lots of tips for eating more fruits and vegetables. These are my favorite tips:
  1. Make vegetables the focus. Protein doesn’t have to be the star of the dish. Prepare a great vegetarian dish, then add a little grilled fish or chicken if desired.
  2. Veggies for breakfast. Add spinach, peppers or mushrooms into scrambled eggs and omelets. Try homemade zucchini, pumpkin or carrot bread.
  3. Vary cooking methods. Tired of steamed broccoli? Try roasting or dry sautéing it and enjoy the different flavors it creates. 
  4. Dip with veggies. Skip the chips and dip sliced veggies into hummus, salsa or bean dip. Enjoy the satisfying crunch of bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers or celery. 
  5. Go meatless. Plan at least one vegetarian dinner this week.

I’ll be brown bagging my lunch and dinner tomorrow (I’m giving a talk on cancer, sugar and insulin resistance tomorrow evening), and I know a big salad will be the basis of at least one meal. Since I have a 7-pound cauliflower taking up some serious real estate in my refrigerator (no, not kidding…and it cost only $3.99 at Whole Foods, on sale), I’m guessing that leftover roasted cauliflower will be on the menu as well!