Happy Monday! If you missed my On Nutrition column in yesterday’s Seattle Times, “How to help a college student with an eating disorder,” check it out. It focuses on what parents can do if they notice possible signs of an eating disorder when their kids come home from college for Thanksgiving.
For the article, I interviewed Dr. Neeru Bakshi, MD, medical director of Eating Recovery Center of Washington, formerly known as The Moore Center, and Robyn Cruze, national recovery advocate for ERC. Cruze struggled with an eating disorder and alcoholism for more than a decade, and has been recovered for as long. She’s author of the recent book, Making Peace with Your Plate: Eating Disorder Recovery.
As is usually the case when I actually interview someone for my column, I end up with more great material than I have space for. So I’ll do an “overflow” post tomorrow, focusing on preventing eating disorders by raising kids to be healthy, balanced, normal eaters. In the meantime, here are two good, related links: