Happy Monday! If you didn’t see my latest On Nutrition column in Sunday’s Seattle Times, “How often, and how many meals should you eat? Depends.” check it out. I do so love busting nutrition myths.
I’ve had several people tell me that my column is hard to find on the Times website, to which I respond that it’s hard to find anything on the Times website (sad but true), and it was especially hard to find this week because it got posted early (Thursday) and had disappeared by Sunday. Rest assured that I always post my column links here, and on my website. You can also search for my name on the Times website and everything I’ve ever written for them will pop up, although not in chronological order.
I’m keeping this brief, because I’m home sick with a cold and it’s fuzzing my brain a bit. At least I’m not on the verge of coughing up a lung like my husband was last week. Ugh!