Happy Monday! If you didn’t catch my latest On Nutrition column in yesterday’s Seattle Times, “Carbs and protein don’t mix–and other ‘nutrition urban legends’,” check it out. The idea for this column started with an email from a reader who was told by a friend while on vacation that he should eat fruit on an empty stomach. His friend cited a source for this information, but the source was no one he was familiar with. He emailed me to ask if it was true.
At that point, I filed it away in my head as a possible future column, but when, in the next week, two different patients made comments like, “But I thought you weren’t supposed to eat protein and carbs together,” I knew I need to write about this topic asap. As I said in my column, I fell for this nutrition myth 20 years ago, and plenty of people still fall for it despite the fact that there is NO science to support it.