Happy…Tuesday. I’ve been at a conference so didn’t get around to posting this yesterday: My lastest On Nutrition column ran in Sunday’s Seattle Times, “How to let go of ‘food guilt.'” I wrote this column because I see a lot of food guilt, oh yes I do. I’ve experienced it myself, too, as has probably just about anyone who’s EVER been on a diet. I’m on a crusade to eradicate it, though.

There may be many things in life that warrant feeling guilty over, but eating is not one of them.
To further illustrate the insanity of feeling guilty for eating something you “shouldn’t,” I offer up this brilliant clip from Inside Amy Schumer. Please don’t watch it if you are easily offended, because it is intentionally offensive, in order to make a point. In a nutshell, these four friends are chatting over lunch, casually talking about horrible things they’ve done (starting with Amy cyberbullying her niece and getting progressively worse from there) and things they’ve eaten. The only guilt they feel (“I’m so bad!”) is about the food! This is also probably NSFW.