Have you seen “The Hundred-Foot Journey?” I finally did, and even though I agree with the NPR review that it was a little too neat, it was delicious to watch. It made me want to spend more time in the kitchen, which is a little ironic (and tragic) considering that my stove is in it’s death throes.
I’m not kidding about the stove…the oven sometimes turns itself off in the middle of cooking something, and it will randomly start beeping when not in use. Like, frantically beeping, as if it’s trying to send us an urgent message in Morse code. The only way to stop it is to run down to the basement and flip its breaker switch. We’ve ordered a new one, but it won’t be delivered for a few weeks. Thank goodness we do a lot of grilling in the summer!
I love Helen Mirren whether she’s playing Queen Elizabeth, Victoria (in “Red”), Jane Tennison (“Prime Suspect”) or Madame Mallory. And I love food films! “Big Night.” “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.” “Like Water For Chocolate.” “Mostly Martha.” “Babette’s Feast.” “Chef.” “Waitress.” “Chocolat.” “Ratatouille.” “Julie and Julia.” 
What’s your favorite food film?