Now that my new stove is finally ready to be delivered (actually scheduling delivery is another matter)*, my thoughts are turning to all the recipes I can try! I’ve actually been making do with a combination of grilled meats + grilled veg + salads, heartily assisted by local healthy meal delivery services (I’m testing a bunch out for an article I’m working on). Good timing on that last one.

* Update 7/16: Our new stove has arrived…to a warehouse somewhere in the local area. They can’t deliver it until 7/30, and that’s because of THEIR schedule, not OURS. I love Costco, but I will never order anything large to be delivered from them again! Aaarrrgghhh!)

In addition to the recipes I’ve earmarked from this month’s Cookbook Challenge picks, I came across a few tasty-looking numbers on the interwebs:
I’m also dying to make sauerkraut. I just finished writing an article on pickling and now I have fermented vegetables on the brain. I’ve also watched the Portlandia “We can pickle that!” sketch a zillion times in the last week or so.