I‘m excited to be attending the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) this weekend in lovely downtown Seattle. My blog is 5+ years old and I am just as devoted to it as I was when I started it (it’s a true labor of love, because I make no money off of it other than an occasional tiny Amazon Affiliate payment).

I’m looking forward to the whole conference, (including the swag, let’s be honest) but I’m especially looking forward to:
  • The keynote from Kim Severson, a food writer for the New York Times and contributor to NYT Cooking.
  • “Curriculamb 101,” where I’ll learn about locally raised lamb, the variety of lamb cuts, cooking tips and wine pairing suggestions. (Yum!)
  • The Saturday night Culinary Fair and Expo. (Yum, again!)
  • Food Photography with Christopher Testani (visit his website, look at his food photography, and commence drooling), which includes tips for photography using a smart phone, which is my camera of choice (I make heavy use of the Hipstamatic Foodie SnapPak).
Finally, all the assorted “nuts and bolts of blogging” sessions. As with cooking, just because I’ve been blogging for a while, doesn’t mean I know everything, or can’t learn better ways to do things that I’ve already been doing.

What’s extra fabulous about this conference (as with the last food blogging conference I attended, BlogHer Food 2012) is that it’s in Seattle, so no airfare, and I get to sleep in my own comfy bed!