Gathered TableI’ve recently expressed my opinion about the futility of creating a static meal plan (eat this on Monday, this on Tuesday, and so on…with no deviations!) for anyone other than myself. But dynamic plans like those from Gathered Table, where you have a chance to easily make substitutions? That’s another thing entirely!

I first heard of Gathered Table at a food blogging conference in Seattle last fall. I was intrigued, both because their recipes looked delicious and I loved the look of their website and promotional materials. (I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for good visual design.) But the recipes and the food philosophy are the most important parts, naturally. So, when I was chatting to some of the Gathered Table folks at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston back in October, and they said they were about to start a pilot project partnering with dietitians, I was all ears.

gathered tableAre You Ready to Up Your Eating Game?

Well the project has officially launched, and I am happy to recommend Gathered Table’s anti-inflammatory meal plans. My patients and readers know that I endorse an anti-inflammatory way of eating for both general health and for preventing future health problems. (I sure talk about it and write about it often enough.) Gathered Table’s anti-inflammatory meal plans are 75 percent plants and 25 percent quality proteins. All those plants provide good food for your gut microbiota…and a healthy gut means less inflammation.

Intrigued? You can do a free one-day trial of Gathered Table to check out the plan and see how you like it. If you do like it, and feel like you could use a little help decidingwhat’s for dinner (and possibly lunch and breakfast, too), I hope you’ll try it out!

gathered tableNeed Flexibility? You’ve Got It!

You’ll find that it’s easy to rearrange recipes to suit your schedule, and you can substitute a different recipe if something doesn’t suit your tastes and preferences. It’s easy to create a grocery list once you’ve finalized your week’s menu. Even better, there’s also an app version, which means you can access your plan, recipes and grocery list on the go!

Like the idea? Do the free one-day trial (pick a day when you’ll have time to try a few of the recipes), then sign up for ongoing plans if you like what you see. Full disclosure: I will earn a percentage of subscriptions fees if you sign up via my Gathered Table page. However, I am serious about never endorsing any product or service I don’t personally and professionally believe in, whether or not there’s money involved. Like, really serious.

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