accountability groupI had a wild hair of an idea a few weeks ago when I was out for a walk (I get my best ideas then, as well as in the shower). I’ve have some small tweaks to my life that I’ve been intending to make for a while now (ahem), mostly in the area of stress reduction, but it just hasn’t happened. (Dietitians are human, too!)

“It would be nice to have some accountability,” I thought. “Preferably accountability from other people who also want to make changes to some unhelpful habits in their own lives.” Then came the wild hair: “I should start my own Facebook accountability group!”

The Plan

So here’s my thought: I would create a private, invite only Facebook group. It would be a safe, supportive space for people who want to make some changes to help support health and well being (physical or mental). It would be a weight-neutral space) no talk about changing body shape or size. Here are some examples of intentions that might be a good fit for the group I have in mind:

  • Going to bed (and/or getting up) on time.
  • Adopting ways to cope with stress that don’t involve food or alcohol.
  • Reducing mindless eating.
  • Practicing noticing when you’re hungry, and when you’re not.
  • Setting boundaries around food (such as deflecting food pushers) or personal space.
  • Consistently partaking of an enjoyable form of physical activity.
  • Cooking from scratch more frequently.
  • Meal planning so you don’t keep having “what in the heck is for dinner” crises.
  • Trying a new recipe each week.
  • Actually using that meditation app you downloaded a year ago.
  • Decluttering your house, if clutter is causing you stress.
  • Taking time to sit down and eat lunch, rather than skipping it or eating on the fly.

These are just a few ideas, but I think you get the drift. My idea is that members would be supportive of each other, but only offer advice if it’s specifically asked for (I think we all know how unsolicited advice doesn’t always go over well). I would, of course, be moderating the group (as well as participating in it) to make sure it remains a safe space. If you are interested, please email me at: