dogsHello there, it’s been a while. I didn’t intend for it to be a while, but all the extra moving parts in my life since mid-April (speaking engagements, lots of travel, a new puppy) on top of my usual moving parts (work, home, writing) kept blogging on my “to-do” list instead of on my “done!” list. My apologies.

Last time I posted, I promised a review of Rebecca Scritchfield’s book, Body Kindness. Well, that turned out to be a half-fib, because I decided to turn it into a Seattle Times column instead: “Ditch the word ‘diet’: It’s time for a healthier relationship with food and your body.” I also mention my favorite body-positive podcasts.

I also learned from Rebecca that the Kindle version of Body Kindness is available for a total steal on Amazon through May 29…only $1.99! Even though I have the “real” paper version, I just now picked up a Kindle copy, since sometimes it’s nice to have books in a digital format, too. Her publisher is also matching Amazon’s price right now on their website. What are you waiting for?

Also while I’ve been away, I’ve written another article for The Washington Post: “Confused about what’s healthy? A new nutrition survey shows that you’re not alone.” I’m also still finishing my book (why does it feel like it’s been 95 percent done for months now?) I have two big writing deadlines June 7, so at that point I will run out of my house, away from my laptop and into the sunshine (hopefully) and start blogging again (once I come back inside to my laptop, naturally). To paraphrase Jean-Luc Picard, I will make it so.

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