WTHHave you watched the pseudo-documentary “What the Health?” or have heard an earful about it from friends or family? Check out the interview I did on the “All Sides with Ann Fisher” radio show on Ohio’s WOSU NPR affiliate. It’s a topic I plan to write on in the not-so-distant future for The Seattle Times, since I’ve witness first hand the confusion and distress the film has caused in many of my patients.

Speaking of future articles, I’ve been noodling on writing an article about awkward, uncomfortable or even harmful nutrition information or advice people have received from personal trainers. Has this happened to you? If so, I’d love to hear about it. I’m also interested in any experiences you’ve had with weight stigma and personal trainers. For example, you want to work out to be strong, and they assume you are only interested (or should be interested) in losing weight. If you’ve had an experience like this that you’re willing to share with me, please email me!